AMP Personal Fitness

Whether you are a beginner, looking to enhance your current health and fitness level, want to race or a seasoned athlete looking to improve performance, you can expect the same treatment from AMP Personal Fitness regarless of your goals, abilities and experience. By using the best fitness principles and training philosopies for all of our programs, we are able to tailor each program to the individual or group. Train with AMP Personal Fitness and find your Attitude, Motivation and Power!

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@amppersonalfit Dec 06, 01:00

We all are capable of doing anything we want to! Doing an obstacle event is no different! Here are a few steps to...

@amppersonalfit Dec 05, 18:00

MONDAY CHALLENGE! Eat more Veggies! We all know we’re supposed to eat our vegetables. The question is... how...

@amppersonalfit Dec 03, 20:59

The right supplements do make all the difference.

@amppersonalfit Dec 02, 22:00

FRIDAY AFTERNOON FITNESS! Complete 4 rounds in the best time and proper form. Warm-up for 5-10 minutes. • 60...

@amppersonalfit Dec 02, 17:40

With our food supply growing in over worked fields our nutrient levels in foods are anywhere from 50-75% less...

@amppersonalfit Dec 01, 23:00

Who is up for a kick butt workout tomorrow morning at 7 am? Fit Strong Fit Club is in session tomorrow morning at...

@amppersonalfit Dec 01, 19:00

Thursday Health and Wellness Tip! There are so many choices for eggs at the market these days. Let me make it...

@amppersonalfit Nov 30, 23:00

Being healthy and eating right doesn't have to mean bad tasting foods and crazy exercise. Starting with some...

@amppersonalfit Nov 30, 18:00

WEDNESDAY RECIPES! Apple Mustard Pork Burgers INGREDIENTS: - 1 pound ground pork (ground chicken or turkey...

@amppersonalfit Nov 30, 03:28

Flu season doesn't have to be spent in bed or on medication.

@amppersonalfit Nov 30, 03:24

Looking to collect socks! Please drop them off at our office or at the address provided in this sock drive event.

@amppersonalfit Nov 30, 00:38

Hmmm...I am pretty sure that would work.

@amppersonalfit Nov 29, 21:00

If you could... What is your answer?

@amppersonalfit Nov 29, 00:30

See what other Women are doing to begin creating Extraordinary Lifestyles in just 10 Days!

@amppersonalfit Nov 28, 22:30

Using a trainer, doing group training or classes, or staying at home will all work when you take some of these...

@amppersonalfit Nov 28, 18:00

MONDAY CHALLENGE! ARE YOU UP FOR IT? Prepare at Least Three 100% Local Meals this Week...

@amppersonalfit Nov 28, 17:29

Personal Development! It is a must in everything we do!

@amppersonalfit Nov 26, 18:49

Obstacle races can be life changing! They offer you an opportunity to realize your ability mentally and physically!

@amppersonalfit Nov 26, 13:59

Floyd Lamb run and workout at 8 am. Who's in?

@amppersonalfit Nov 25, 17:00

FRIDAY MORNING FITNESS TIP! Holiday drinks can pack on the calories faster than some of those specialty treats!...

@amppersonalfit Nov 25, 16:35

Make sure to get your workout in today!

@amppersonalfit Nov 25, 14:00


@amppersonalfit Nov 24, 21:00

Want to enjoy all the tasty food and make your Thanksgiving Feast keep you on track?

@amppersonalfit Nov 24, 17:24

Great workout at the Mountain today!

@amppersonalfit Nov 24, 16:00

4 Day Thanksgiving Week Fitness Challenge HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Make it a great day by starting with Day 4 of our...

@amppersonalfit Nov 24, 15:08

Good Morning! Happy Thanksgiving! Join us at 8 am for a Thanksgiving Workout at Lone Mountain!

@amppersonalfit Nov 23, 22:00

4 Day Thanksgiving Week Fitness Challenge Today is day 3! Are you still hanging in with us? Just an FYI......

@amppersonalfit Nov 23, 19:16

I Matter Empowerment Project - live an extraordinary lifestyle of being fulfilled, happy, and active again! Be...…

@amppersonalfit Nov 23, 18:00

WEDNESDAY RECIPES! Fudge Pumpkin Blondie's (serves 16) INGREDIENTS: - 1 cup rolled oats - 14 oz can chickpeas,...